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Other Independent Game Developers.

Winter Wolves Game Studio - Download sports, strategy, and simulation games.
Midnight Synergy - Play Games: Action, Puzzle, and more.
Rainfall Studios - Makers of exciting new adventure games.
Lemonade Productions - Original Puzzle Games
Twilight Games - Creators of Aargon Deluxe, A Snake's life, Frozzic's Revenge, Mahjongg Variations and more...
Mystery Studio - Developers of Betty's Beer Bar and FaceIt.
BeachWare - Games, Sounds, Fun Educational Software!
Curiosoft Kids Games -- Games that introduce your child to fun role-models like doctors, vets, fashion designers, scientists.
HeavyGames - RPG Games.

News Sites that Cover Independent Games

Game Tunnel - Has the most extensive review archive of Independent games on the net.







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